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ArticDream - Brand New 0-day Tracker

Here is a brand-new 0-day tracker from Romania powered by TBDEV, the tracker is scene-only and with a pretty cool design. The tracker is from Romania but the forum is English.only. The tracker has approximately 500 torrents and what is good to know is that the speeds are pretty good here. ArticDream has it's own internal group release called Team ART which releases only DVD movies with Romanian subtitles. You won't start with additional GB upload but all torrents are set to freeleech so you can easily build a good ratio here.

A few statistics:
SiteURL: http://www.arcticdream.com
Signup: http://www.arcticdream.com/joinsz.php
Torrents: aprox. 500
Registered Members: aprox. 1000
Forum: aprox. 150 posts/threads
Codebase: TBDEV



Unknown said...

very nice upcoming tracker.....
every should give it a shot.!!!

Unknown said...

-we have more work to do, but we will succeed..

Anonymous said...

I'll skip this one, but it's nice to see the LiW team back on track.

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