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LIWblog is now down and soon will be shutdown, but we want to say that a brand-new blog with 21 members in staff will be up soon. A few members from our staff are now in BMN team. We can't say alot about the BMN blog but from our information they will be UP at 31 October.
"BMNTeam: yes, we will come at 31th October or maybe our start will be delayed with 1-2 months but what i'm trying to say is that we will start in this year."
"LIW: how many members are in staff?"
"BMNeam: atm we have 21 members in the staff:
-1 Owner
-12 Redactors
-8 NewSearchers"
"LIW: Nice, what is the BMN blog url? or what information can you tell us about BMN"
"BMN: Well our blog will be 'hosed' by BlogSpot, because is faster/can be edited very easy and its free :) And if i have you'r permission we want to put the LIW style on BMN. Can we?"
"LIW: Of course, our style is public ^.^"
"BMN: Thank you"
"LIW: I see you want to keep the blog 'hidden' but, i want more information :) tell us"
"BMN: lol Ok, besides news we will make recruitments/tutorials maybe we will host some softwares"
"LIW: Can you tell me the URL?"
"BMN: yeah, http://31october.blogspot.com"
"LIW: lol" 
"BMN: No, i'm serious, we want to keep it secret untill 31 October. "
"LIW: ok, no problem."

"BMN: Also we are recruiting members for our staff, we want to have 30 members in staff"
"LIW: How can we contact you?"
"BMN: Who wants to contact us can do it at: greetings.tome@yahoo.com (btw is my yahoo id)"
"BMN: Also i've heard that LIW is shutting down, RiP LiW! i'm sorry!"
"LIW: Yes, but we hope BMN will become a great bt blog"

TheGeeks-Brand New E-Learning Tracker

We reviewed CreativeBits one day ago and now here is a brand-new e-learning tracker by TBZ crew. As you would expect from an e-learning tracker, here you will find a lot of educational material, such as History channel documentaries and magic videos. At the moment the tracker has more than 2100 torrents, thousands of users and the signups are open. 
Signup: http://thegeeks.bz/signup.php

CreativeBits - Brand New E-learning Tracker

Here is a brand-new tracker for e-learning and more, powered by Gazelle. Here you will find coding/graphics/software material. The site is all about creativity and the resources it takes to be digitally creative. If you want to join CB tracker, the staff has open an interview channel. All you need to do is to join the interview IRC channel and pass the interview.

XNT & XTC - Recruitments

Are you looking for a great general/0-day tracker, with good pretimes and speeds? If you do, XNT can be perfect for you. If it's the first time you hear about XNT tracker, no, it's not a new tracker, it has been created a few months ago through the fusion between DVDRSource & TVSource trackers. The tracker has more than 21.000 torrents and 12.000 registered users. The ratio is very easy to maintain, because the MP3 section is at the moment x2 Upload and there are a few FreeLeech torrents. If you're looking for a tracker specialized in electronic music, then XTC is good for you. Both trackers (XNT;XTC) have been reviewed by us a while ago, so you can search for their reviews for more information. Let's go back to XTC; the tracker has at the moment aprox. 800 users(the limit is 2000), with more than 550 torrents and a pretty active forum. On XNT you need to keep a 1:1 ratio, while on XTC you must seed torrents for 120 hours within 14 days of downloading them.

ArticDream - Brand New 0-day Tracker

Here is a brand-new 0-day tracker from Romania powered by TBDEV, the tracker is scene-only and with a pretty cool design. The tracker is from Romania but the forum is English.only. The tracker has approximately 500 torrents and what is good to know is that the speeds are pretty good here. ArticDream has it's own internal group release called Team ART which releases only DVD movies with Romanian subtitles. You won't start with additional GB upload but all torrents are set to freeleech so you can easily build a good ratio here.

HotVibes.org - Brand New BitTorrent Tracker

Here is a brand-new BitTorrent tracker from Romania specialized in music(it also has movies and appz torrents categories). The tracker is powered by TBDEV and at the moment the tracker has approximately 2100 torrents and 2500 registered users. The tracker is scene-only and the torrents are uploaded with great speeds. You start with 2GB up so you can easily build your ratio here(plus, all torrents larger than 300 MB are FreeLeech).
Signup is now closed


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